Tekashi69 Speaks On Alleged Rape Rumors

Tekashi69 has been in the news a lot recently, he’s gained some exposure from working with artist Trippie Redd in recent song ‘Poles‘ and ‘Owee‘ and even a recent music video with Famous Dex, but what he’s been in the news for isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

Artist Zillakami had claimed Tekashi69 stole $20K from him, and in retaliation, Zilla started a rumor about Tekashi raping an underage girl. At first it was all denied from Tekashi but in a recent No Jumper interview, Tekashi revealed his REAL name ‘Daniel Hernandez’ and invited people to try and find some dirt on him.

Evidently, Tekashi’s criminal record was found and turns out he had plead GUILTY to 3 counts of having sex with a minor.

screenshot-of-criminal-recordAfter the screenshot had circulated on social media, Tekashi decided to finally respond, claiming that if he had really raped her he would be in prison.

What are your thought on Tekashi? How does this change your opinion on him? Do you enjoy his music? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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