Kodak Black’s Upcoming Mixtape ‘Project Baby 2’ Leaked Tracklist

Thanks to a user posting the link over on the Kanye forums, we now have seen the supposed ‘tracklist’ for Kodak Black‘s upcoming mixtape ‘Project Baby 2’.

With Kodak Black’s recent release from jail on June 5th, we’re excited to see what he’s gonna throw at us in his new mixtape ‘Project Baby 2’. Thanks to the leaked tracklist, we’ve found out that Offset, John Wicks, Jackboy and even XXXTentacion will be making an appearance! If you’ve heard the preview for Kodak Black & X’s new song them I’m sure you’re just as keen as us to hear it!

1. Versatile
2. Change My Ways
3. Roll In Peace ft. XXXTentacion
4. 6th Sense
5. Don’t Wanna Breathe
6. Need A Break
7. First Love
8. Unexplainable
9. Me And Klik ft. John Wicks & JackBoy
10. Transportin’
11. You Do That Shit
12. Built My Legacy ft. Offset
13. Misunderstood
14. Pride
15. Up Late
16. No Codefendant
17. The Recipe
18. Still In The Streets
19. Me For Me

XXXTENTACION previews new music with Kodak Black

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What do you think about Kodak Black? Are you gonna check out the new tape when it drops? We’d love to hear from you!

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