Is Zillakami x Sosmula’s new music video “SHINNERS 13” the next to blow?

Zillakami has been an underground artist for awhile now, we first heard of his music through Tekashi69 and his name began popping up a lot more when the 2 started beefing. Now Zillakami is doing his own thing and it’s hard as fuck, he’s partnered up with one of his close affiliate Sosmula we feel like this is gonna blow up any minute now and people are gonna start riding his wave. It’s definitely something new, it’s like a mix of screamo and drill, but they definitely put their own twist on it, I could almost imagine this being a soundtrack on a Need For Speed game.

He almost reminds me of Lil Pump, except not as ignorant and way more demonic, but the way he portrays himself and the people he hangs around it seems like they really don’t give a fuck. There’s scenes throughout the music video of Zilla shooting a pistol outside for no reason whatsoever and even a clip of someone shooting up heroin. Watch it for your own eyes and let us know what you think!

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