XXXTentacion jumped by the Migos over old Drake beef?!

If you’ve been some what on instagram in the last 24 hours then you would of noticed that XXXTentacion got jumped by the Migos. It started with X posted a video to his IG of Takeoff running away and X saying he slapped the back of his managers head. Later we see videos of X, cut up with several minor stab wounds and covered in blood stains. He says he was in L.A. outside his hotel when multiple black SUV’s pulled up, a few people hopped out and seemingly out of no where attack X and his friend. XXXTentacion has claimed it was due to old beef when he accused Drake of stealing his flow, and Offset responded and it wasn’t so nice.

Since all the beef has happened, there has been surveillance camera footage and multiple angles of footage released when the fight happened, 2 of them posted by X himself on his instagram, watch the video below & let us know what you think of everything that’s happened, are Migos in the wrong?

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